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Tracking – Eating – Lifting – Striking – Goals


Current Stats:

198# Lean Mass
315# Total Mass
44 y/o

I’ve done extensive tracking, and testing of nutrition, workouts, timing and so on over the past 3.5 years to figure out how my body responds to various input.
I track ketones and blood sugar using a blood meter.
I track calories burned, heart rate, workouts and my sleep with my Garmin.


I work to live mostly in a state of nutritional ketosis. For quite some time I didn’t, and it turns out I don’t feel real good in many aspects if I am loaded with carbs.

I have a cheat day every 7-10 days currently. But I also don’t have any aggressive goals. I’ve basically just been having fun lifting, getting a good pump, and hitting the heavy bag till I die.

I’ve found that if I take in too many carbs over a couple days even, my mood and general disposition will decline if I don’t use them effectively.

I love me some food. I think donuts are probably my favorite food.
If i’m not eating for pleasure, I don’t much care really what the hell I am eating if the eating serves a purpose.
I have done all kinds of things from eating 12 meals or more a day, to fasting for 14 days.
I’ve also just binged, and eaten whatever I want whenever I want.

My point is that when I have a particular goal, I am able to move towards, I will do what is required.

Currently my macros are generally as follows:

Carbs: 40-60
Protein: 300-450
Fat: 100 – 200

As I approach a consistency in ketones I will be able to back off on fat intake more extremely. However my body has to be more adapted to consuming fat first.
Once I am a fat adapted mofo, my body goes straight to eating calories from the fat I’m wearing a LOT more readily.

All that being said, if I have a cheat day I tend to follow it up with HIIT to roast the glycogen stores and put me back into ketosis fairly soon. Sometimes a day, sometimes within a couple hours.

I did one experiment when I was training for 100 mile bike rides. I carb loaded 600g from a completely 0g carb load previously (fasted for 2 days, and made sure my blood stats were solid).
It took me 2.5 hours of riding to burn through that at an avg heart rate of 145-150 ( forget exactly)


I have been an athlete of some kind or another most of my life.

I was a state wrestler in school, and did multiple martial arts. Then i joined the Marines.
After the Marines, I continued training hard for quite some time.
No real goals, just did it.
I eventually fell into pure strength training and just got as strong as I could.
I TRIED body building at that point but when I was told that I would have to ‘cut’ and that in doing so i’d lose a lot of the strength I had built… I said fucking hell no. I’d rather be fat and strong.

Then I got into strongman. Got hit by a semi.
Recovered somewhat from that, and started getting strong again.
Got hit by a truck. Right down town minneapolis. Both of these were hit and runs. My lower back still hurts sometimes after a heavy back day, but other than that, no real issues with those.
The issue came from getting severely depressed because all of my goals that I had been training for were destroyed and I ended up getting real fat.
420 pounds was the highest the scale would go, and that’s only after I found the courage to actually step on one.

These days, I have found my roots.
Lifting + Martial Arts.
I haven never been a vain person, but I have chosen body building for a whole host of reasons.
The most relevant ones being a pair of very simple concepts for me:

  1. If I am lean, it is VERY easy to see when I become NOT lean. It is insurance against becoming a fat fuck again.
  2. I feel like I deserve to LOOK as strong as I FEEL. It is a confidence boost, and self-esteem fuel. I don’t care how strong I am, I know I’m strong. I want to look in the mirror and see the efforts of my labor and have them be OBVIOUS.

I have never really lifted with other people much. I used to have a home gym at my old house and upwards of a dozen guys and ladies would come and lift there. But none of them worked out like I did. Strongman, or just plain… super heavy lifts. which was fine.

I mention this because having a lifting / body building coach is a brand new thing for me.


Plain and simple, I grew up having to fight since about kindergarten. Joined wrestling and martial arts as a sort of natural course of action.

Short story: I love the art of fighting, its fun. Live action chess. I plan to be dong a couple amateur fights in 2021 when im back down to a proper fighting physique.


  1. Body conformation to match my efforts and my strength
  2. Grown in physical strength proportionate to my capabilities but not to overdo it and injure myself
  3. Learn how to fine tune my workouts to produce optimal muscle growth (precise movements, nutrition timing, etc)
  4. How to improve my recovery time

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