Spell Book – MOBs


When I started playing Everquest… so many years ago… I heard the term ‘MOB’ and was immediately confused.

You gotta love developers… “Mobile Object Block”. That was the earliest rendition I found, and it is the one that sticks with me. It’s so OOP. (Object Oriented Programming)

I’m gonna talk about my spell book here, and how it works in regards to MOB’s because quite simply, if you have a show spell book of DPS and nothing the hurl them at, or worse… things to hurl them at but they simply will always lack the substance needed to take that MOB down… you are dead in the water.

That’s where I feel I am at right now. Hurling spells but not killing anything significant.

Defining your monsters is as I have determined, the most important part of the entire process. It may not be the FIRST step, but it ultimately ends up being the most important step. Know your target, so you can destroy your target.

I will simply begin by listing some of my monsters.

Storm GiantSelf Hate
KoboldFat Cells
Displacer BeastCheating
Mind FlayerLack of Motivation
ZombieLack of Disicipline
Ogre ThugInjury
False Sense of Deserving / Entitlement
Feelings of Superiority
Feelings of Worthlessness
MONSTER NAMEDEPRESSION etcWhat it means to you

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