Advice to others

I am in a number of forums. And I see many of the same questions and problems in people getting into weight loss and healthier lifestyles.


This is the basic advice I give.
I figure I should fine tune this and keep it here so I can copy / paste when needed.


I don’t have all of your details, but I can confidently say based on your post, that you are you not consistent.

You can’t ‘try’ things, you have to DO things.

It is hard, I know.
I’m gonna guess that you give something a go for a week, maybe two, and when you don’t see the results you expect or want, you move on to another tried and true method?

That’s common. I’ve done it. Probably everyone here has.

The advice I have for you is simple, but hard to implement.

1. Pick a method. Write it down. Commit to it for 60 days. Not 30 days, not two weeks, not a week. 60 days.

2. Whatever that method is (16:8 with keto, vegetarian, carb reduction, paleo, carnivore) you need to make sure you have all the information you need in order to make the right choices during that 60 days.

3. Write up a plan for that 60 days ahead of time. Don’t just hope you will get through it. If you don’t know how to write up a plan for it, find help. Find someone who has the knowledge, expertise and credentials to help you do this. For instance, in keeping with this group, you can contact Dr. Fungs team, and they will help you. It costs money, but you sound genuinely frustrated, and the money will be worth it.

4. Once you have the plan written up, and you are prepared (preparing is 90% of this) then you need a support system. People that you know in real life that can call you out on your bull, and can encourage you when you need it. Avoid sycophants and yes men. You don’t need to be coddled, you need to be empowered. Give these people permission to hold you accountable, and find a way to learn to take those moments they hold you accountable as moments in which you are able to grow, not moments you are feeling attacked. They have your best interest in mind. That’s powerful positive energy. Harness it.

5. Now go to your doctor, have them measure your body. Neck, arms upper and lower, legs upper and lower, belly (android and gynoid), as well as shoulders, upper chest, mid chest and lower chest. Also get them to check your weight. Don’t get these measurements done again for at least a month.

6. Now that you are ready to begin, you need to set yourself up with a journal. You can track your mood, and your actions each day. You can make it a checklist. You can make it a spreadsheet. Whatever you want. Just make sure you have a document each day that shows that you did the things you are supposed to do. (carb manager is a great food tracker, but you should also track more than just your food).
Why is this important? Because every week, you should have a day where you look back on your week for 30 minutes.
You look at your journal, and your food log, and you look to see if you skipped, cheated, or took a misstep.
IF you did…. don’t beat yourself up. These things happen. However, note… that it is a set back. It will slow your progress.
You will learn to overcome these setbacks, and appreciate them as growth milestones.
However, at the end of 30 days when you measure yourself again… if it isn’t quite what you’d hoped, you can look at your logs, and see… how many times you had setbacks.
From there you can say “Yah, the process works… but I didn’t work the plan consistently.” NOW… you have knowledge, insight, and proof of your deeds, actions and process. This is so so SO important.
Don’t keep yourself in the dark, or you will likely forever mark time like a marching band at a broken street light.

7. Once you have done all this, and you are ready to begin… you need to do one last thing.
WORK THE PLAN. Period. Work the plan, and forget about the scale, forget about the measurements, and forget about the meta. Do exactly what is required of you every day. Every. Day. Work the plan. Work the plan. Work the plan.

If you do that… you WILL succeed.

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