Ketosis and Protein

I came to a stunningly simple conclusion while dreaming last night.

The past couple months ive had a struggle staying in a real state of ketosis. (over a .3)

Previously, I had been lifting bigger, and more intensely, and began running. Well. I fucking tore my calf muscle at the gym on the treadmill, and had since stopped going to the gym. I however didn’t adjust my macros accordingly. I was still religiously eating around 300-350g protein a day.

I went from being in ketosis of .5-.8 to… .1 maybe .2

The only things that changed were:

  1. No weights
  2. No running
    1. Was still biking for fitness
    2. Did some yoga / light calisthenics

The diet didn’t change.

Huh. Go figure.

My hypothesis:

  • Ketosis is being stalled out by overconsuming protein as it pertains to my daily intake requirements based on my workload / muscle destruction (healthy), and therefore reducing my protein to 1 to 1.2g per lean muscle pound while still maintaining diet strategy, and current workout regimen will quickly put me into the .3-.7 range consistently every day.

last week I didn’t eat for 4 days, and I barely cracked .3 one day for a while. After refeeding… I was left .1 each day, MAYBE a .2 depending on the hour of the day.

Needless to say, though I’ll still say it… it was quite frustrating. Like a monkey trying to break a stone painted like a coconut.

New macros for the next 2 weeks:

  • 100f
  • 200p
  • 40c


In the past, when doing very well in ketosis, my carbs could go up to the 80-100g range in day when I was working out using weights, and doing cardio if those workouts had enough output. They always did. I didn’t have to workout for 4 hours, i just had to own it while i worked. Most of that work was done at my home gym.

Carbs aren’t the problem. I KNOW when i’m eating too many.
Protein however… I need to stay on it. If I am NOT doing weight lifting, for now the new benchmark is 200p.  I’m 198# lean mass.  So that’s a safe, solid number.

When I WAS doing good lifting, my protein was 350, and I was hitting .7 consistently.


Moral of the story… use what you put in you.
I should make that a t-shirt.

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