Get tough: day 2

I am not in ketosis.

It’s 1000am. Which means I’m 40 hours and one workout into this 72 hour protein fast thing.

Last night after my workout I was pretty dizzy while I was in the hot tub.

Prior to that, I was feeling emotionally surprised by myself. I traveled 3.15 miles. In one go. I didn’t think I could do that.

I was also disappointed because my weight… My weight was up nearly 50 pounds since my 250# goal weight milestone.

So it is a bit of a wake up call.

I note that I do my best when I fully involve myself in a process that produces data that shows me the trends, changes, results.

So I need to get a scale again. I also need to pee on strips. They are cheap and I won’t be keto adapted again for 6 weeks or so. Which is to say pee strips will stop working in or around that time.

I think.

Right now I feel very hungry. Which I know to be a good sign. My body is starting to be lower on glucogon than it is happy to be.

That means it’s gonna run out tonight.

Which is of course the primary goal of this 72 hour exercise. Burn out sugar stores and only provide myself with the alternative as the fat I already have. Been here before.

After this 72 hours I have a couple of ideas.


Zero carbs till Saturday.


One more day of isopure


Solid food, but zero fat or carbs, and with isopure supplement to make sure I get 250g protein a day min.

What solid food is pure protein? Tuna is close. I gotta look.

I don’t feel great today. I’m not looking forward to the inevitable headache. 🙂 But… I am. Because it means I’m pushing through this into my next phase. Ketosis.

Isopure in 1.5 hours.

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