Regroup Hawkins

Quite simply, I am unimpressed with my progress in 2019.
I’ve had a number of big life changes, and injuries.

I had been fighting through these, and a few weeks ago, i realized… something needed to be done; a new approach was required.

So I regrouped with myself. I needed to determine again what was truly important to me.

I do this in some strange, and perhaps unorthodox ways.
Sometimes I watch heartfelt tv shows, and look at how society views a popular show. The characters in there show off stereotypes, and are highly engineered to connect with their viewers so everyone can see a piece of themselves in their show, and thus… watch more.
I find them to be good tools for self-reflection.

I also sit and play video-games. Particularly ones that allow me to engineer success. Then, I reflect later on how that made me think, feel and of course… how I can apply those same strategies and thinking-constructs to enhance my real-life.

So I came up with some plans.

  1. This month is the anniversary of my keto birthday. I felt it would suit me emotionally, and mentally to hit it hard, and go balls to the wall in honor of that notion. So I am kicking it off with a 3-day cleanse.
    Last week Leigh and I ate whatever we wanted, whenever we wanted.  I probably packed on 3 actual fat pounds. No joke. Not to mention all the water, and sugar stores.
    That was deliberate. I wanted to get to a point where I felt like… “Fuck… I really don’t care if I eat this stuff. I’m good.”  Well, I got there. And then I did it for one more day just to really drive it home.

    1. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday:
      1. 200g of protein in the form of ISOPURE protein ready to drink. That’s 5 bottles of that shit. I’ve completed that run today. It’s more difficult than I expected. I gave myself a wireframe of 12pm to 6pm every two hours.  Doubleing up on one of the blocks of time so I can fit in 5 bottles / 200g.
        I am seriously not hungry, not even interested in ingesting anything else. The side effects will be apparent shortly.

        1. Side effects.
          1. Diarreah
          2. Diuresis
          3. Headaches
          4. Discomfort
          5. Some Naseau
        2. These side effects are due to the body kicking over into ketosis after a sugar binge for 6 days. Also, I definitely didn’t get all the protein I needed in that week. Even before that I was struggling. Then I thought to myself… Why not spend the money on ready to drink protein? It’s pricey, but… so are some of the stupid things I spend money on. So I should just reorganize how I value that money.  And I did.
    2. That 18 hour fasting window will carry forward 5 days a week.
    3. Saturday and sunday i’m incorporating my eat at any time process. It works really well for me to do so on weekends. And on sunday I will eat whatever / whenever. Up till 6pm.
      1. These are methods I have used over and over again to great success, and I feel very confident that this is part of my core system of feeding. It keeps me balanced, and helps me achieve my goals. This is KEY. It’s the biggest reason people fail… they don’t have that… key. The thing that works for them that they can do consistently. This is my thing.
  2. 12 week program. This is new. Get Tough.
    1. My cardio is abysmal. It really is. Not to mention I have gained back fat from when I got down to 250#. I don’t think I handled that well. 250. It felt amazing… but, I don’t think I was mentally / emotionally ready for it, and I pushed myself into it very aggressively.  Oops. I understand that about myself these days however.
      1. Without a doubt, I need to be at about 240 or so. I have let go of the need / desire to be HUGE AND STRONG. I want instead to be the right size, and strength for my overall best healthy self. Weird. It’s amazing to me how many concepts I have beholden myself to over the years, and not shed. Well, here I am shedding or… molting if you will. A better me is coming forth.
    2. I love training, and working out, but I don’t like being injured, and I don’t like feeling SUPER SORE all the TIME. It’s not the result I want. I want to feel the right amount of sore, and I want to feel GOOD.
      1. This is going to happen by losing this fat, and reducing my body’s weight overall so there is less strain on me overall. This is important. I’m done carrying around my weight vest filled with 35# of extra fat. It’s gotta go.
    3. I’m limiting my muay thai to 3 days a week or so. Clinch x 2 , and pads x1.  In 8 weeks, after I’ve gotten into a much better version of fitness… I will start hitting up the fight team practices tuesday and thursday mornings at 7am. Right now, it’s not wise. I’m glad I went a few times, because it was part of what made me realize how absolutely NOT ready I am. I was dying. It was beyond my capacity. Which means… I’m doing it wrong. It = training. I needed to fix it

I have regrouped. I feel good about it. These are good choices, and they will have a positive impact on the rest of my life. Time now to go do my day 1 of get tough running. I’m doing it at lifetime so I can hit the jacuzzi right after, and so I can have a little more control over my running environment via treadmill.

Today it is 3 minute run with 30 second sprint at 2:30, then a 6 minute walk. Repeat several times. I forget how many. 4?
I’m terrified to do this; and excited, but mostly terrified. This tells me I’m doing the right thing. It’s going to suck, until it doesn’t.

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