Week 3: Building Fast

This week’s workout has been upped a bit. 3 reps for all the sets, and a higher starting and end point for weight.

This shit is coming along nicely.

I took a rest day yesterday, as I was physically, and mentally wiped out. My shoulder / neck issue was wrecking me, and I couldn’t sleep.
I DID however find a solution; sleeping on the couch to prop myself back against it, and keep all pressure off of my arm. Worked wonders… at like 4am, right before I was SUPPOSED to wake up. Hence… rest day.

This morning was (thursday) chest, arms and tris. I got a SOLID amount of sleep, and was really ready to go this morning. Body felt… GOOD and ready.

Where as monday I was barely able to complete my sets (I did so, but just barely) for chest, and tris, I was able to do so quite smoothly today. The check being: last rep of flat bench at 225# was a slow… but very smooth upward push. I knew I could do it, but it was work. Real good. That’s how it should be.

Curls on tuesday were adequate.
I did  NOT successfully complete all my sets in one go for curls though.

I failed at 105# standing preacher on rep 3, and reps 2,3 of the last two sets.
Still finished; really laid into the eccentric motions as well.

I AM VERY excited about two weeks from now.
That’s my playground. I get to lift big and do 1RM benchmarks that week. Find out where I REALLY am in the flow of things.  That’ll be just like old times when I was doing BIG strength.

One rep… huff huff…  rest… rest…  ONE REP…. rest…. rest… ON RE…. uh… no.   REST… rest rest rest rest rest…. ONE REP… YUS!  Etc…

Today at the end of my workout, I felt like I had a LOT of extra energy, so I used it.

I looked around for a toy, and landed on the hammerstrength iso lateral decline press. I’m down with completely taxing my lower chest. It needs the most work next to my upper.

I threw on two 45’s, and two 25’s. Just to get a feel.

Felt  easy as pie. Ok, so I threw on two more 45’s.

Still easy.

Did three of those, and didn’t feel like it was a real taxing event. SO… I threw on two more 35’s.

Ok, did 3 of those, and was starting to feel the pressure. Felt like I could have done 5 or 6 though. So, I threw on two more 35’s.

I BARELY squeaked out 1… and it was ugly. But I held it at the top and fought it down again, though.. it won that fight pretty quick.

Tomorrow is bi’s and shoulders again. Really looking forward to it. Im hoping to see some growth occur there too. Would LIKE to see failure on rep 3 only of the last curl set or no failure. 😛   Not likely.

Next week is hell week. Lots of pre-taxation before the 90% set … of 10.
It’s gonna take some extra time for those workouts next week. I’m looking forward to it 🙂

Side note: I also found my arms are showing more veins this week. Pretty sweet 🙂
My man titties are a little smaller, and my biceps show a lot better when my arms are at my sides. They are still flubby looking when I flex cause of that fat pocket in my elbow pit (the cubital fossa) (cubital? it’s a triangle…)

I’m eating a shit ton of protein a day, keeping my carbs below 35 and keeping my fat significantly below 200 (usually 120-140).
What I am doing, is working. It’s working fast.

My base structure has been set over the past 18 months. I have conditioned, and taught my body to expect this kind of punishment. Now… I am cashing in.

I expect that in 2 months, i will see some serious changes in both size and definition and of course, lean-ness.
Moreso… strength.

I predict I will be strict form on: curling 135#, benching 325#, and overhead pressing 200-225# by Mid June if not earlier.
I’m interested to see the difference in hammer strength decline press vs actual decline bench press weights.

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